About Specialized Protective Services


SPS has provided every type of private security services in the Aspen area for nearly two decades -- ranging from one-man armed protection details to every aspect of security for multi-venue events with over 70,000 spectators. SPS has many repeat clients, indicative of their satisfaction with our services.

SPS is a step above the rest in how we deliver services. Our staff is paid at a higher rate than our competitors to ensure we deliver qualified, well experienced officers able to handle all issues as they may arise.

Both public and private officials have complimented us on our ability to work in a manner that meets the needs of our clients and that fits in with the expectations and norms of the local community. We have references from the highest public officials and private clients that include world leaders, entertainers and most imporantly our community officials.

David Meeker

Owner / Operator

David Meeker has extensive experience and training in all aspects of executive protection including advance work, detail and team leadership and personnel management. He has worked with foreign heads-of-state, multi-national corporations, celebrities, national sporting and major music events.